Katie Babb: An Introduction

One of my graduation photos from the beginning of 2020, posed with my guitar

My name is Katie Babb. I am a college student studying Language Arts Education at Nebraska Wesleyan University. When I’m not at school, I live in Springfield, Colorado, a small town less than an hour from the borders of both Kansas and Oklahoma. I am passionate about the children in my community and learning how to best help them succeed in the future. I was active in multiple service organizations in high school and learned the value of giving back to my community and how to do so in a meaningful way. I want to one day be able to teach children what I learned about the value of your community and investing in it. In the future, I want to be a Language Arts teacher. For my internship, I am working in the elementary summer school program at Vilas Undivided School, the school I graduated from. This will help me gain experience in the school system and help me to understand what will be expected of me as a teacher in the future. I am excited to begin working with the students and help set them up for success in the fall.

Photo taken before my graduation in May of 2020

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