Jessica Magana

I’m an intern learning more about law. I want to become a lawyer but I’m not sure yet on what degree. I’m 16 right now and will be a Junior this upcoming school year. I do basketball and cross-country, and I like to run in my free time. I have 2 younger sisters and my favorite season is fall.

My first meeting was at our sheriff’s office and I did not know where to go at first because it was all just walls and no people in sight. I met up with a dispatcher named Rhonda and she presented me to some of her co-workers there like Melinda, who used to work there but now just helps with organizing paperwork. 

Rhonda also presented me to Cadon who is the chief police, and Curtis, who is an investigator for bigger cases. I learned being a dispatcher comes with a lot of multitasking–I saw Rhonda do almost seven things at once, and that was just a calm day at work for her. 

I’ve also gone to our county Appraisal district place and met Kimberly, who also presented me to her co-workers, Julie and Janice. Janice is mostly at the front desk and manages most of the place’s deeds. Julie manages bills and other paperwork, she was also more like the boss there. Kimberly showed me my house from her computer and printed out a card about my house and explained how people come to a guess on how much owners of a house should pay.

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