Janaila Whittaker

I am Janaila Whittaker. I have currently just graduated and am going to South Plains College for a business degree. I enjoy listening to music and cooking. I also learned how to cook from my mom and grandma and my very wonderful Home EC teacher. I am 17 and will be 18 a week from yesterday. I have a twin brother and an older brother. Xzavier is 19 and Jaiden is 17. I live in Silverton Texas with my brothers and mom. I am currently doing my internship with Briscoe County with Molly Foreman as my sponsor and Tony Lee as my Intern Mentor. My favorite food is Chinese and favorite animal is a panda. I like hanging with friends and family. I went to Tulia my Freshman, Sophomore, and half of my Junior years. I was introduced to OC by my Sophomore business teacher. I have been going to the youth conferences for three years and was I involved in the entrepreneur fair my Senior year and won fourth place. My idea for the youth fair was to purchase the Malt Shop here in my hometown and reopen it for my family and friends. I plan on continuing with OC for as long as I can. I was also the school mascot for my Senior year along with the high school girl’s basketball team manager. I have asthma and have had it all my life. I was involved in 4 H my Freshman and Sophomore years. I have always been well rounded as far as after school activities go.

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