Jacqueline Chacon

Being able to get things done under a lot of pressure, and also always getting things in on the time they need to be.

  1. Teamwork,  adaptability, leadership, attention to detail, and oral communication
  2. Building sets, making props, managing stage, communicating with the community , and budgeting.
  3. Just getting to know the community and working with them to make a project that will help the community would be an amazing experience.
  4. Well Im Jacqueline Chacon and im for Atwood KS a small town on the corner of northwest kansas. I’m mexican american I have two siblings that are more athletic than I but I like it that way. I’m really into the arts and seeing what people can explain with what they have in their hands. I fell in love with theater my sophomore year and still on love with it to this day. I write some scripts on my free time  they are more on the scifi aspect. I wish to become a theater and spanish teacher I really want to inspire kids to be the greatest they can be. This internship will let me get the experience i need to become stronger in theater education.  

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