Jacklynn Snyder Blog 2

I have recently been working on helping a local organization, Santa Fe Trail BOCES, with many different projects around their office.  They provide services to special needs children and I am working there so that I can do my part, however small, to make a difference in my community.  So far I have completed a plethora of tasks that mainly have to do with the filing and managing of records.  BOCES previously provided and currently provides services to thousands of students in our area.  Each and every one of those students therefore has a file with numerous records, papers, etc.  At this point in time, I have been able to create new files for all the incoming students and properly prepare all the papers they need in their files.  Additionally, I have been able to go through all the current records, as shown below, and remove and archive all the ones that had individuals over 21 years old.  Initially, I presumed that these tasks would be mundane, however, they were quite on the contrary.  I was able to learn many skills that are necessary to work in an office, as well as help relieve their secretary in some of her duties.  She has thanked me profusely and I’m glad to be able to do something to help out and allow her to do other more prominent tasks.  As that project wraps up, they are going to have me move on to doing inventory on all of their old technology, which is a task I am ready to dive into.


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