Izaih Alvarado

My name is Izaih Alvarado, I am a passionate individual driven by a desire to make a positive impact in education and sports. I was born and raised in Floydada Texas, and I have always been drawn to opportunities that allow me to inspire and empower others. Currently, I am pursuing my studies in History and Coaching at South Plains College. I am constantly seeking ways to enhance my skills and broaden my horizons.

My present internship as a coach allows me to work with a group of young and older kids, guiding and supporting them on their career paths. As a coach, my primary role is to provide mentorship, help with goal-setting discussions, and help young kids find and overcome challenges to their growth. To gain the trust of all children, I use active listening and successful communication strategies.

In terms of communication, my goal is to improve my ability to speak about ideas clearly and simply, ensuring that my message is understood by others and leads to positive teamwork. By setting up a positive team constantly pushing people to reach their full potential, and encouraging a culture of trust and unity, I hope to develop excellent leadership skills. In addition, I am committed to giving back to the community by using my coaching skills to help people in need and groups in achieving their goals.

Understanding the importance of connecting in today’s networked world, my goal for this internship is to develop my professional relationships. To make significant relationships, I constantly look for opportunities to contact experts in the field, attend important conferences, and take part in networking events. I hope to obtain useful ideas, learn from experienced professionals, and explore potential options for future growth and partnership by growing my professional network.

Overall, this position as a coach allows me to improve my communication, leadership, and community engagement skills while also increasing my professional network. I am motivated to use my knowledge and skills to make a positive difference in people’s lives and contribute to the community.

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