It’s me Martin

Hey there ladies and gentlemen,

Let me introduce myself, my name is Martin Andres Rodriguez. I am twenty-seven years old and have just recently gotten married. I am definitely going to let everyone know that I have been extremely blessed to have my amazing wife. Her name is Nicole Grace Rodriguez and she has made my life different. Together we have two lovely adventurous girls, Liliana Anahi and Ariela Grace Rodriguez.

I was born and raised in a small community called Hart, Texas. I can’t imagine that you have heard of it much less know where it is located. If you do know where it is you are probably from the area and if you have heard of it then must be from somewhere from the Panhandle. Hart is a small community, not the smallest in Texas, but pretty small. It has a population of about 1200 people with most of them being Hispanic.

Growing up there I was into sports, but was more focused on school. I was and still am an inquisitive person. I always asked why this or why that in college I was nicknamed ‘Chion’ as I had so many questions that it meant  I was being a crybaby. In college, I graduated in 2016 with a Bachelor’s in Biology from West Texas A&M University, so Go Buffs. As of now, I have entered a career in teaching STEM subjects and coaching cross country, basketball, and track. A lot of my hobbies include family things whether it’s watching a movie or biking together. We often like to run together and go on adventures. This is what makes us come close and stay a family. That’s pretty much all there is about me, I am just someone that short, sweet, and to the point.

My wife Nicole, Daughter LIli, and I
Newest addition to our family baby Ari

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