Introductory Post Part II

My name is Yadira and this is my second internship with Ogallala Commons. I currently live in Denver and came from Texas just before starting school. I come from what may seem to be a big family to other people with three younger brothers of very separated ages with the youngest being four. I have been in Colorado since then and graduated from Metropolitan State University of Denver with a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice and Criminology and a minor in Psychology. I chose the degree in criminal justice because I wanted to help my community. I also chose psychology because I wanted to better understand why people needed help sometimes and how different circumstances may affect them. When I first started out in the criminal justice field I did it with the idea that I would want to eventually be in the law enforcement profession and eventually go to law school. Since the beginning of my internship I have seen that there are other ways that we can help our communities better themselves and overcome circumstances that may contribute to their difficulty in gaining prosperity. Although I still would like to go to law school, I have begun to love working for a non profit organization like First Nations Development Institute. I now would like to continue my work in this field and working to gain more experience and knowledge through the hands on learning that I have seen my summer internship provide. Going into my fall internship I am eager to have more responsibility like I had been given at the tail end of my previous summer internship. So far I have already been able to accomplish much more than the first month of my previous internship since I have already become familiar with what needs to be done. imageimage

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