Introductory Blog; Sandra Dillinger

Hello, my name is Sandra Dillinger. In our family I am the youngest of three girls. I have spent all my 18 years in Woodland Park. I have always been involved with the local farmers market, from going every week to get breakfast to becoming a vender. I started selling dog biscuits in 5th grade, continuing until I was in 8th grade. Besides selling dog treats at the market I also enjoy reading, maybe a little too much, drawing, running and hiking. I have been actively involved with the school district, participating in many different clubs and organizations, including Key Club, Beta Club, National Honors Society, cross country and track. My long-term goal is to have a master’s in chemistry with a career in environmental or forensic chemistry. Alongside chemistry I will be earning a minor in art. This made my college options a bit smaller since I had to find one the offered both chemistry and art.  This internship will help me by giving me experience interacting with various businesses and vender’s. The local farmers will also be able to teach me how produce is grown and the chemical side of it, preparing me for environmental chemistry.  It will also help show me how creativity flows through a community and how it brings everybody together. After working my first market I have seen so many parts of my community I had never seen before and I am excited to continue.


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