Introduction/About me

pond at the orientation retreat near Channing, TX
me on a tiny island at the pond







Hello! My name is Holland Henry and I’ve been on Earth for 20 years. During that time I have lived in several towns and cities all around Texas. The world is too big to stay in one place for too long so I joined Ogallala Commons to help me explore career opportunities and maybe even cross some states and countries off my bucket list.

Although I have not yet chose a definite career path, my current interests revolve around the hospitality business. OC is allowing me to venture into different experiences and jobs relating to that field – in my own hometown! I am grateful for all the information that was presented to me during the orientation retreat as well as the connections I made through my first attempts at networking.

If I had to choose two aspects of my personality that I believe the orientation helped strengthen they would be goal setting and communication skills. The guest speakers gave me a deeper sense of self worth and helped me see the bigger picture of this internship and where it could lead me. A quote that has stuck with me is: “a good communicator is a good listener.” I strongly feel that the things I learned at Talon Point were valuable and crucial towards shaping a successful internship and my future careers.

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