Introduction- Brenden Adams

Hello and greetings, my name is Brenden Adams, and I was born and raised in Tulia Texas. I am the youngest of four children, I have a sister and two brothers (which are twins). I have spent my whole life in Tulia and have enjoyed it greatly. My background is deeply rooted in agriculture, which is my passion and my love. I showed pigs my whole life and even had my own Cotton Test plot for Bayer for the past three years. My passion is show pigs, I enjoy it greatly and one day hope to raise my own show pigs. I am currently in the process of buying foundation females not only for show pigs but also for a replacement Angus heifers. I am currently twenty (20) and attending Texas Tech University and studying Agribusiness. After graduation with my bachelors, I plan on looking into law school or going straight into the work force. Hobbies I enjoy are hunting, farming, and raising cattle. I hope to have a chance to go Marlin fishing in Mexico and an Elk hunt in Rocky Mountains. My long-term goals are to be a County Agent and raise show pigs on the side. This internship will help me understand the work environment and how to adapt to ongoing situations. Working for different employers will give me a great chance to see how people run their business as well as broaden my horizons.

Don’t let potential be written on your gravestone- Ben Shaprio

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