IMG_20140607_192755 IMG_20140607_193016My name is Allison Cox, and I was born and raised in Tulia, Texas. I graduated from Tulia High School in May of 2012. I attended Lubbock Christian University and completed my prerequisites for pre-nursing. I live in Lubbock, Texas and I am currently a student nurse at Covenant School of Nursing. My internship is at the Covenant Hospital in Plainview. My supervisor for this internship is Coralyn Dillard. I will be shadowing registered nurses in different departments of the hospital throughout the summer.

I am very passionate about working with children because of their energy, curiosity, and cuteness. Being a lifeguard for the past two summers has given me the opportunity to work with kids. Not only did I get to observe the different personalities and behaviors of children, but I taught several how to swim on an individual level. This experience has shown me how much I enjoy working with children and helped me established my future goals.

My goal is to become a pediatric nurse practitioner. When deciding my future career goals, I considered being an elementary teacher so that I could work with children; however, I have always envisioned myself being in the medical field. Becoming a pediatric nurse practitioner would allow me to achieve my life-long goal while doing what I am passionate about. This internship is an important first step in my nursing career giving me valuable experience in the hospital environment, letting me explore components of health care, and motivating me to continue the pursuit of my goals.

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