Saludos! by micaela enger

My name is Micaela Enger.  I’m proud to come from an Army family and have lived and traveled through 20 countries, experiencing and learning from different cultures. My parents currently live in Woodland Park, Colorado where I’m doing my internship at the local farmers market. However, I attend CU Boulder where I am a science major who aspires to work in Public Health and improve our Nation’s food quality and access for the general public. Baking and cooking have always been one of my favorite talents. Food, in terms of where it came from, its quality, nutritional values, and how it is turned into a source of energy by the body has always interested me. I’m absolutely committed to this intern position where I can be part of a team that works to provide a community service today while creating awareness and advocating for the members of our community for access to higher quality food. Social media, community interaction, and meetings with community leadership will be part of what I can bring. Part of my job will also be attending the farmers’ market every Friday where I can not only help with the basic logistics of setting up the market, but also where I can learn about different vendors and the work and energy that goes into creating a successful market.  I’m passionate about creating a healthier, more informed public, and I know this internship will help me create that vision and help me make a difference while refining my skills towards my future goals of taking this to a National level.


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