June 8, 2015

My name is Taushja Brown. I am from Tulia, Texas. I am soon to be a Junior at Tulia High School.My freshman year I participated in band. I played the tuba/susaphone. During marching band season I had to carry a susaphone (a marching tuba) during marching season I also played volleyball which became hetic to juggle both activites at the same time.Through out my freshman year band consumed most of my time, leaving little time for me to play sports. I am glad I participated in band but it wasn’t my favorite experience.

My hobbies include playing sports, lifting wieghts, and writing. I play basketball and volleyball. In basketball I play the post position, and in volleyball i am a front row hitter. I started playing basketball in fourth grade, and now I am on the varsity basketball team.  I’ve played volleyball since seventh grade.  I participate in UIL feature writing. I’ve made regionals in feature writing. I also love children, I  don’t plan on  pursueing a career in education. As of right now I hope to have a career in an area of business.

For my internship I will be visiting a different business in my community each week. Each business I will be  interning with deals with  either children or business. This internship can help me realize what part of the business field I would like to go into once i graduate from high school.By having this internship it will allow me to develop skills that could benefit me in the future.