I am Brittney Kraus. I’m a junior II (I just finished my first semester of four) nursing student at West Texas A&M University. I grew up in Pampa, TX. I have lived all over the country including Maryland and Pennsylvania. I currently live in Canyon, TX.


I am interning at Covenant Hospital in Plainview as a nursing intern.  I hope to get an understanding of what it feels like to work in a rural healthcare environment. I have worked in larger hospitals and am interested in the functioning of a smaller hospital without the amenities a larger hospital would have. I also hope to gain the necessary experience to be more successful in my nursing career. I am really interested in seeing all the different areas I could work in once I graduate. Smaller hospitals also have a more hometown environment where everyone knows each other and tend to look out for each other. Having worked in much larger hospitals I have noticed they some times are lacking in the ability to see workers as individuals rather than a group of workers. Larger hospitals also usually have specialized floors and generally stick to the specialty that belongs on each floor. I am interested in seeing how a smaller hospital places patients and runs on a daily basis. My current interests in nursing are neurology, the study of the brain, and pediatrics, people younger than 18. I am very excited to see where this internship takes me and to experience a smaller hospital environment.


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