Intro Blog- Micah and Ashley Venhaus- MV Produce

Micah and I

Hi! We are Ashley and Micah Venhaus, the first married couple to apprentice for Ogallala Commons. Micah and I are excited to be a part of Ogallala Commons and the wonderful things it is doing for the rural communities. Micah is from Tulia, Texas and was raised with an agricultural background. I was born and raised in Lubbock, Texas and both of my parents are involved in the their local businesses. I completed my bachelor’s degree at Texas Tech University, in Business Management. Micah got his education in Horticulture, specializing in Greenhouse Production and Hydroponics at Texas Tech as well.  While we were obtaining our educations, we both knew we wanted to start our own business, and with this idea, MV Produce was created.

MV Produce is a local vegetable producer that is located between Happy, Texas and Tulia, Texas. The primary focus for us is to be sustainable while providing quality produce without the use of herbicides and pesticides. Our future business plans are for us to expand into greenhouse production to supply year round locally grown produce and our developing a successful CSA (Community Supported Agriculture).

We are hoping to gain more knowledge in vegetable crop production and to improve our marketing abilities to sell more produce in our local communities. We have both enjoyed being a part of the business aspect in the agricultural field since starting MV Produce. We now get to enjoy both aspects through our participation with Ogallala Commons and operating our business.  Micah has recently gained multiple connections with other farmers involved with Ogallala Commons, which has allowed him to expand his cultural practices in our current vegetable operation.


Tomato and Pepper under hoop house

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