Internship Update Blog 2

This internship I decided to take on this summer went a little differently than I thought. I work 4 days a week for sixish hours. Working at Vilas Undivided School with some of the staff to get the school ready for the new year. I’m helping clean the classrooms, I even helped clean a house to make, Vilas Undivided High Schools new science teacher feel welcome. I have also been helping organize files and put them in the places they need to be. The last couple of weeks have been very hectic because we had to get ready for the new science teacher and getting other teachers moved from one classroom to another. I’m surprised that we have got as far as we have in the last three to four weeks. We still have quite a bit to do but, in my opinion, I think we are way ahead of schedule.

This type of work is not my career option but having this opportunity was great for the future.

Working on this internship has given me a chance the see what it’s like to be in the workforce. I am happy to say that I’m very glad I took on this internship.

Here I am are fixing/ painting the patriot in the cafeteria.

Me and my co-worker/ internship buddy cleaning the library.

By the time I submit this blog, I will be finished with my internship. I still will be helping out around the school before the new school year begins.

I’m ready to get started on my next internship with OC.

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