Internship Summary

Summary of my experience and internship at Covenant Hospital in Plainview

My internship was at a Christian based hospital, which I found very refreshing and unique.
I was also pleasantly surprised how all the staff even the charge nurse works together and helps one another, which is rare to me in my experiences. Covenant also cross trains all their nursing staff in all departments. I was able to experience and work in any department which was a blessing. I particularly liked working in the Emergency Department and ICU. However, I was fortunate to be allowed to work in any area in the hospital. I also worked in Med Surge and I was able to learn how to help patients up after an orthopedic surgery.


As far as successes, challenges, and failures every skill that I was able to do was a success even if it was a failure. There were definitely times that I was unable to get an IV but it is a learning experience. We need challenges, success, and failure in our daily lives to be a better person.
Leslie Hackett, Director of Nursing, was my supervisor at Covenant Hospital and she is one of the reasons I would love to work there. She is so kind and caring. She is constantly running around checking in on everyone and putting out fires. She knows all her staff and honestly cares about them. I have had such a positive experience. All the staff has been so nice and helpful.
Ogallala Commons is a non-profet organization that supports internships in work experience and promotes hometown career exploration that takes place in your local community or rural area in which you live. The program is a partnership between Ogallala Commons and various communities that help create opportunities for high school students, college students, or adults in
career change. “Internships provide experiences that illustrate both the key assets and the serious challenges present in rural areas. Interns receive an hourly stipend for their work, and internship lengths, though flexible, normally range from 8-10 weeks or a semester (125 to 240 total hours). These internships enable rural communities to constructively utilize the skills of their youth and adults, and to inspire home-grown talent to return in the future–to live, work, play and raise their families”.

In working with Ogallala, my experience has been extremely positive. Everyone has been so helpful and positive. They want you to succeed and they are there to help you. They check on you regularly. I was so fortunate to have heard about Ogallala Commons. I want to share more about Ogallala. Therefore, I will share with everyone I can.

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