Internship Reflections

Throughout my internship with Stafford County Economic Development I have learned many things. I have learned how to operate business social media pages, I have learned how to update a website with Weebly, I have learned how to operate Adobe Premiere to make three promotional videos, I have learned how to use Microsoft Publisher to create flyers, and so much more.

One of my main tasks was creating several promotional videos to be used by Stafford County Economic Development for a variety of reasons. Below is the first video I created for when the Bike and Build group had a build day in Stafford County. This video was created as a hands-on learning process while learning Adobe Premiere.

Below is the second video I created, which promotes the Live Well Stafford County initiative as well as educating the public about the initiative.

I also created a third video promoting all Stafford County has to offer, however, this video will be revealed at my Harvesting ceremony.

I was also in charge of marketing for the Stafford County Economic Development Photo Contest, which is held each year at the Stafford County Fair. This contest is how Stafford County Economic Development gains new photos for marketing each year. I was a judge for the contest this year, and there was a significant increase in entries this year. However, winners had to be chosen, and, in the end, eight individuals received prize money. Below is the flyer I created for social media campaigns as well as spreading around the county.

photo contest flyer.facebook

After the photo contest concluded, I realized that the categories were not outlined in such a way to be able to obtain the types of marketing photos Stafford County Economic Development wanted. So I took it upon myself to resolve that matter and other minor issues with the rules after that realization.

Another task within my job was trying to increase the Stafford County Alumni Database in order to plan an All-County reunion in the near future. I created a Google Form to aid in the collection of this information as this form gathers all information automatically into a spreadsheet. Below is a screenshot of that form:

google form

On Stafford County Economic Development’s website,, I updated lesser used pages and determined a way to add Facebook and Twitter feeds to the home page and Live Well Stafford County page.

My supervisor, Ashlee, was great! She outlined what I was to do each day, however she didn’t micromanage and allowed me creativity within my projects. I will definitely miss visiting with her every day! I truly enjoyed every part of this internship!

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