Internship Completion

daycare float in Picnic parade
daycare float in Picnic parade

My internship consisted of working at a different business in my home town each week. I enjoyed this method because it opened my eyes to all the diverse job opportunities that Tulia has to offer.

I started my internship off at the hospital. I was impressed with all of the different equipment and job opportunities that the small hospital had to offer. I live only a block from the Swisher Memorial Hospital, and I was surprised to find out some of the things that it had to offer. I was clueless about the medical field before this week, but now I am more informed in this field.

During the weeks that I was at Headstart and the high school, I worked a lot on the business side of the schools. I made a lot of copies, sorting papers, and paper shredding. I also created a directory and put together goody bags for parents for the upcoming school year at Headstart. When I worked for the summer lunch program, it felt good to be helping prepare meals for kids.

When I worked at the Chamber of Commerce and the city, I got to see all of the things that it had to offer for my community. The Chamber of Commerce hosted a 4th of July golf tournament, and I helped prepare for that by putting together goody bags and handing them out at the tournament. At the city, I organized and recorded old ordinances dating back to the early 1900’s. It was very interesting getting to see some of the older ordinances.

My favorite week is the week that I worked at the daycare and Meals on Wheels. It was my favorite week because of the interaction I had with the kids and the elderly. It was picnic week, so I mostly worked on the daycare float for the parade. I realized the long hours and the amount of effort that goes in to picnic week.

I probably learned the most during the weeks that I worked at the extension office and the Swisher County Newspaper. I attended a sewing workshop and sewed for the first time, and I learned that I actually enjoy it! The publisher of the newspaper was a girl who was only three years older than me. Seeing her juggle the newspaper by herself while taking college classes was very impressive to me.

The one thing that every business had in common was the passion that each person had for the job. Everyone took pride in what they did, and this was inspiring for me as I get ready to attend college and choose my career path.

The ordinances that I recorded at the City of Tulia.
The ordinances that I recorded at the City of Tulia.

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