Identifying Your Community’s Common-Wealth Assets

In a community, there are twelve community assets. These community assets include soil & mineral cycle, renewable energy, history, water cycle, health, sense of place, spiritually, food-shed, leisure & recreation, education, arts & culture, and wildlife & the natural world. The six main ones that really tend to stand out to me are education, health, spirituality, arts & crafts, leisure & recreation, and history. Education is a very big factor in all communities, one educational certification program  is Texas Tech University. TTU is one of the many great colleges and Lubbock, TX tends to be well known because of it. Also, Lubbock consists of many schools for children through the Lubbock Independent School District. As for health, Lubbock has many hospitals, clinics, and medical assistance. These tend to include Covenant Health System, University Medical Center, and many local clinics. These hospitals and clinics are another big factor in the community. Lubbock consists of many spirituality places. The Unity of Lubbock and the Experience Life tend to be the ones that obtain many visitors and make Lubbock citizens feel at home. Arts & Culture is also something that Lubbock provides for the community. These include Lubbock Arts Alliance, as well as Louise Hopkins Underwood Center for the Arts. These show the many different arts created and also the many different cultures that were or are in the community; these are also great places to bring your families. Next, Lubbock has many family leisure & recreation centers, including amusement parks, public swimming pools, and many open grounded sports facilities. These places are well known throughout the community for their thoughts in the coming together of families. Lastly, Lubbock is also known for a great historical landmark, the Great Elephant, located at 2401 Landmark Dr.  This is an amazing archaeological site, as well as a natural history preserve in the city. It also stands near one of Lubbock’s most known lakes, The Lubbock Lake.

TTU TTU Museum Lubbock Lake Landmark UMC

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