How It’s Been Going

My internship is based around community involvement and development, mainly in our downtown area. I started my internship during the hardest week, that’s what my mentor likes to say anyways. I agree with her statement. My accumulated hours of this internship have mostly been the planning and organizing of our annual Main Street Festival here in Dodge City. Under my mentor’s guidance, she’s allowed me to get creative with brochures, creating the blueprint for where the 58 vendors will be put and getting them the resources they may need during those hours. A clean-up of downtown was required to begin the event but also end the event. This was not the most fun, however, it felt rewarding taking the time to keep our downtown area looking clean and cared for.

Vendors posing for the camera.

Outside of the festival, I’ve attended many meetings that I went into clueless. I’ve observed the conversations that well-respected individuals in my community have had in hopes to gain learning experience. My friend and I, who is also an intern, still take on small tasks like organizing different T-Shirts, stationery products, and other knick-knacks.

Thus far, this internship has been at a faster pace than any of my previous jobs. Instead of sitting down and waiting for calls to come in or people to walk in the door and greet them, I’m being able to work as if the work I do has a direct impact on the community.

I honestly feel like the goals I had set for myself, in the beginning, have already been accomplished. My goal for the rest of my time here is to become more organized. When I say organized I mean writing down notes or paying more attention to the little details so my performance is at its best.

Camila Gonzalez, Main Street Intern

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