How I Got Here

Call me Keegan. Some years ago- 2009-2010 to be more precise- I was helping John Baetz at Kansas Pregame to write articles about football in Kansas. At that point, I was fresh out of high school and planned to attend Kansas State University to major in Journalism.

By the time I’d finished my first semester I began to doubt the future of print media and decided to change my major. After graduating a few years later with a History degree, I embarked on a journey to find a career in a field I found stimulating. This would lead me across Kansas and beyond.

After a long personal voyage, I found myself in Wichita, Kansas with a position as a sales professional for a company out of my hometown. As time went on with that role, I slowly began to lose any passion I’d had for sales and with the combination of COVID straining the ability to work with customers, I knew it was time for a change.

I’d spend the next couple of months working as a bartender for Vora European Restaurant. This wasn’t a bad experience, but I needed something more. A simple text to John asking for an opportunity to write some articles here and there for him would quickly transform into the opportunity I am writing to today. John and Rural & Remote are allowing me to rediscover my love of writing and combining that with sports, the great American glue that holds us all together.

Now, with two of my passions combined into one career, I look forward to dedicating myself to Kansas athletes and telling their stories. We all love the Tom Brady’s and Lebron James’ of the world, but most of us call it quits after 4 high school years of groggy early mornings and exhausted late nights in the gym or on the field. It is my goal to tell as many good stories for these diligent athletes as I can. Thus, I gave up the sales career.

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