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“How badly you want something dictates how hard you’ll work at it…”-Anonymous

My True Love
My True Love

If you know me you know how much I truly love speech therapy. I have such a passionate heart for the field of speech language pathology and am willing to do anything to be a successful clinician. I want to improve the quality of life for others as much as I possibly can. The Turn Center is the beginning of making my dreams come true. At the Turn Center I have maintained multiple responsibilities for not only the speech therapists there, but the majority of those who work there. I have had to translate in Spanish a few times that I have been there and it has made me more confident to evaluate clients in Spanish. I also have worked with a few clients who are Deaf or are learning American Sign Language. It has been interesting to be involved in some sessions and observe the therapists ways of their structured and unstructured therapy techniques. I have learned many helpful strategies to help in different situations that I know will help me through the graduate program and my future therapy sessions. I also have been working on reports, organization, but mainly speech therapy materials. I have made what feels like hundreds of therapy books that the therapists use in their sessions to help their client achieve their goals.

How I feel when I make materials :)
How I feel when I make materials 🙂

At times it seems overwhelming with the books and materials, but the therapists often offer me a set of what I am making for them. I am eternally grateful for them to give me materials because I know I may need them once I begin working as an assistant therapist. When I am at work, I feel like I never have a chance to stop, but I honestly love that kind of work environment. I believe this leads to good work ethic and positive impressions towards others. There are times when my work days are exhausting, but it is completely worth every ounce of energy I use there.

Hard work makes dreams come true!
Hard work makes dreams come true!

Any time I make materials or do anything that benefits the therapists there, they are sincerely grateful towards my work and that is the best reinforcement anyone can have. I hope to continue working in such a motivating and positive environment like the Turn Center. There are only good things that I can express about this place and I hope more people are able to have the same experience I have had the past few months.

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