Hospital Internship

hospital1    My internship this summer will consist of visiting a different place around the community each week. My first week was at the hospital. I learned a lot since I was clueless about the medical field, but the most important thing I learned is that the medical field is not for me. I visited a different department each day and watched and asked questions about their job. The first day was with the RN nurses. I got a tour of the hospital and realized that I knew little about all of the qualities that it possesses, even though it is only a block from my house. I witnessed a nurse do an IV, which made me a little queasy. The second day was in the business department. This consisted of a lot of filing and organizing, which I did not mind too much. Business has been in the back of mind as a maybe profession to go into, but I realized again, that this was not the field for me. Although I did not mind it, I realized that I do not possess the qualities that the job requires, such as neatness and organization. Wednesday, I went to the lab and x-ray. I was fascinated with the technology that our small hospital had, and it was really neat watching and even participating in what they do. The next day was physical therapy. I shadowed the physical therapists as they worked with patients, and I learned how the equipment works. My last day of the hospital was assisted living. I went around visiting with the elderly and learned about their routine.                                                                                                                         hospital2


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