Home Sweet Home

Do you have that place that you just feel like you are safe, comfortable, or like you just belong there? That place that makes you feel a certain way the no other place can. That place that just has that certain kind of pull on you. Maybe at first when you are not around it you do not really feel like you will miss it. Then as time goes on you start to get that deep knot in your stomach and then you realize the only way to make it go away is to go back to that place that makes sense. This is what Leoti, Kansas does to almost everyone that has lived here. This little town gives a sense of belonging to anyone who is here. The amount of how much everyone cares for each other in this town is truly astonishing. Now do not get me wrong every little town has things that can be worked on but the sense of belonging and community here is fantastic. Everyone know’s everyone. People compliment each other after sporting events. When something tragic happens the amount of love and empathy that comes pouring out of the people is a feeling I do not believe could be felt anywhere but here. Leoti finds its way into your heart and does not let it go. This place becomes a safe haven. Not a place to get away from but a place to get away to. A place to come home to. You can take a person out of a small town, but you can’t take the small town out of the person. One of the things in Wichita County that really enriches our community is the Arts and Culture. We are the Barn Quilt Capital of Kansas, and thats obvious as you drive around town and see all the unique barn quilts hanging from houses, or barns. Leoti has had a major push lately with the arts. A new Sunflower mural has been added to the “old” park and an Art Park has also been added to the town. It has a beautiful mural, benches, and cool wind chimes.       leoti213686785_10153748550558263_345902186055116335_n

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