Helping out the community

I broke my community service hours in to three separate projects. Hart is a small community so I didn’t have much variety in when or what I could do. I helped out some during our annual Hart Days festivities cleaning up and selling stuff. For the remaining hours I lacked, I volunteered at the school helping clean up things.

For my first project I volunteered with the City of Hart to help clean up the town in preparation for Hart Days. My brother works for the city so finding something for me to do was easy. He had me wash the walls and floors of the pavilion here in town with a pressure washer. The Miss Hart pageant was going to be held there the next day so they wanted things to look spick and span. This took about 3 hours.

The next volunteer service I did was to help out the school cheerleaders. This was also during the Hart Days celebrations. The cheerleaders were selling drinks at the 3 on 3 tournaments. I chose to help the cheerleaders because I used to be a cheerleader here at school and I remembered all the work that is put in to it so I wanted to give back in a way. I worked with them for two hours and it reminded me of high school. The girls are a lot of fun and I enjoyed it.

To finish up my 10 hours of community service, I helped with the cleaning of the school. My mother is the only custodian for the high school. She needed help shampooing the carpets one day so I put my time in to that. We scrubbed out some stains, changed the water of the machine and shampooed the carpets of the hall. This took 5 hours to complete. I think this was the most tiring of the three.

I got to do things I was familiar with and things that are new to me with this volunteer service. I knew what it was like to be a cheerleader and have to sell things. I had never used a pressure washer before or a shampooing machine. Those experiences were fun and learning new things was also helpful. Although my projects may not have changed the lives of others, I think I did make a difference in the community.

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