Helping Out Around Town

Is there anything better than having opportunities to help others? It is a passion of mine to help other people, which is why I am very involved with community services. For a couple of years I have been helping out with the Food Distribution that the Health Department does once a month. We unload the food and put it into piles to make it easier for filling up boxes. At one pm a group of helpers gather to fill up boxes full of food and stack them up outside. The actual distribution doesn’t start until four pm. I help out with the whole process, but my favorite part is giving out the boxes to the line of families that come out. Some show up an hour before just to be able to get a box. There have been times that over fifty people have come to get a box.

The other community service that I was able to help out with this summer was with the Bountiful Baskets. My family buys Bountiful Baskets so I have helped out before with the whole process. A truck comes in with fresh fruit and vegetables while a group of people grab the boxes and transfer them into piles for sorting. After everything has gotten unloaded we split up into partners and put the fruits and vegetables into over fifty laundry baskets. Once everything is all ready then people start showing up to pick up their baskets.

I enjoy helping out with other community services such as the 5K run and carnival rides during our annual fair. It is always fulfilling helping out others with various projects or events. The part I like the most about doing community service is how much people appreciate the assistance and how grateful people are for the services or products available.


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