Helping Hands

Hello Everyone,

I hope you are all having a safe, but eventful quarantine. It has been a crazy start for 2021. First there was the storming of the capital, followed by new variants Covid being discovered, and finally the Buccaneers winning the Super Bowl. All things that could be seen and heard from the television. But, is that really good for you? Sometimes it’s good to turn off the noise for a while. Too much negative information can cause stress to oneself. This was the case for me. I was so focused and worried on how life was going to be. That I would eventually lose interest in continuing my job or just getting ready for the day. It wasn’t until I started to fulfill my volunteer hours; that I had a change in mood. I was brought along by a coworker to help deliver vegetables to local food pantries. We also had the opportunity to stay and help prepare boxes of food that would be available to those in need. It didn’t end there. I also had the opportunity to volunteer with Habitats for Humanity. We had the job of plastering houses during the fall. I was there to help with the mixing, lifting, and application of concrete to a sun heated wall. Something I am very much familiar with. Having said that, I started to find a new appreciation for those who were also volunteering alongside me, but were almost three times my age. They were kind and hard working folks. Though they were high in age their pace was never slowed or halted. The work they do is amazing and generous. It was a great opportunity for me to help. But, as the cold soon set in, Habitat took some time off. It was then I heard of someone who needed help clearing their yard. They had recently chopped down some of their trees to clear up some yard space. We collected the logs that were too big and heavy to be used in a fireplace. It was great because the farm always needs good wood to heat the green houses. So, it was almost like a trade. Free labor service for some free wood. The owner was happy, and so were we. Then, it got me thinking about how we all can help one another. But, also how we all expect something in return while barely making any effort to help solve a problem, or provide assistance to the less fortunate. Regardless, people today have plenty to fear and hope for. Being told to stay home and avoid contact with others can cause mixed feelings about helping those in need, but it does not stop people who feel the need to help. This pandemic has brought out some of the best in people. It is amazing to see how people come together during hard times. It was a very difficult year for everyone, and being able to help one another shows that there is still hope. This internship has been a beacon of hope and the ground that helps me catch my balance. 

Thank You,

Aidan S.

Working with Habitat
Food box on break

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