Harvest Ceremony!

After finishing up my internship, I had the opportunity, to not do not one, but two harvesting ceremonies. In order to spread the word to other business interested students, I did one presentation for a business class. I explained the perks of doing an internship like this, and how it matures you in a way that few other internships do. They were very interested in all of the requirements, and the benefits of being an Ogallala Commons intern. My second presentation, and Harvesting Ceremony, was at the Melissa Memorial Hospital board meeting. Since that was the place I did my internship, it was fun to tell them what I learned. I got asked what the most valuable thing I learned from my internship was. I believe that the most valuable thing I learned was how to make the difficult decisions in a business. In a way, I learned how many decisions there are that contribute to making a business run smoothly. My presentation was featured in the local newspaper. I am also currently in contact with my former boss about continuing my work at the hospital, maybe throughout the school year, and next summer. I had a great experience, and enjoyed this internship. 

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