Happy June!

Hello all!

Welcome to my second blog. I am so excited to tell you about my past month experiences! However, first I want to mention some goals I have set for myself for this internship. One, is to be a better listener. Take notes, remember what the producers are telling me so my blogs for Local Llano can be very authentic. Two, I want to keep getting better with my video production skills. I use a software called Adobe Premiere Pro, and there is so much to that application that I want to keep growing in my skills as a videographer; and that only comes with practice and looking up solutions online if I don’t understand how something works.

Working on Local Llano Blogs!

This past month I got the chance to interview 2 local producers in the panhandle. I learned so much from the both of them. Hearing the success stories and hearing why they love what they do makes me so excited to share more with the general public about eating local food. My favorite was the interview with Creek House Honey Farm. George and Paige Nester own and operate the farm just East of Canyon Tx. I loved sitting down and talking to Paige about all the wonders of beekeeping. I learned so much about specific honey bees, queen bees and their hives. Bees are amazing creatures who produce amazing products (and I’m not just talking about honey) but honey combs, the wax, and they make a healing product that is equivalent to our Advil pain reliver. How cool is that! I am so excited to share more with you in the months to come! Stay tuned for more with local food!

Amazing products from Creek House Honey Farm in Canyon, texas!

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