While doing my Internship with Bonnie I have been traveling in a bog triangle from Atwood to Hoxie and to Goodland. I live in Goodland for this internship and while living there I’ve seen what has been hidden from me. See I use to go to Goodland to church when I was younger. While being there I would see big tall painting coming into the town which always amazed me. Goodland is a very artistic town but I didn’t really notice its talent till I actually got to know the people. I have been introduced to many people to help me out with this internship. One of them being Abby Killingsworth, she took over the Goodland Carnegie library and made into an art center while still keeping all the history intact. While talking with she explained a lot to me that made me open my eyes to how great a town like Goodland is. I learned that they all come together to make something beautiful. When they first got the idea to make the library into an art center the whole town was so excited that they helped the art foundation get a grant to start the project. Knowing that this is not the first time that the community has come together. They have made big projects in this town form making the first helicopter to building and supporting the technical college. This town has a big heart for wanting to help build the community. I’m glad I got to learn more about the town of Goodland and seeing how truly special it is.

First Helicopter

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