Good Ole Baca County

Baca County has been my home for ten years now. It is a wonderful place to live and I absolutely love it here. People know Baca County for our Picture or Carrizo Canyons or maybe even our Two Buttes Lake but there is a whole lot more to it than just that

     For many years we were in a drought. Until about two or three years ago we started getting lots of rain and from us having it rain quite a bit local farmers are having good luck with their crops. I would say our soil and mineral cycle is good.

     For my community our renewable energy sources would be our wind farms and there are a few just wind turbines here and there.

     Most people don’t know Baca County’s history. One very interesting fact is that here was the center of the Dust Bowl. There were so many schools around here and now there are only five, one in each town.

     In our community we have great health systems. Springfield has a wonderful clinic, hospital, and a retirement home, Walsh also has a clinic and a retirement home. There is also a dental clinic in Walsh.

     Baca County doesn’t have very much to offer for recreational centers or areas but we do have 3 swimming pools, many beautiful parks, basketball and tennis courts, baseball diamonds and a skate park.

   In Campo there are many talented people. I met this incredibly talented lady, Shalah Perkins, and her sculpting skills are mind-blowing. She has done many sculptures and she is amazing at it. Two of her pieces are by the “Welcome to Campo” sign. Another lady, LaVada Rodgers, is very good at painting and has painted murals in Campo and is very good at it.

     Our small community has all the 12 Common Wealth assets and it is great! Later, gator!IMG_0748 IMG_0746

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