Golden Mistakes – Blog 2

By: Hannah Gideon

It was a summery, Friday afternoon. The wind was howling as I approached the drenched field: Mother Nature had graced us with rain! I laid down my materials on the water-ridden soil: a tape measure, my trusty notebook, a pair of sharp scissors, and my lovely, lavender pen.

I then strolled through the appealing, golden field of wheat, looking for the perfect spot for a sample. As I was walking, I couldn’t help but notice how soothing the melody of nature was: the many birds chirping in the background; the sounds of wheat rustling; and the crackling of the dead wheat stalks as I stepped on them.

Nature truly is a beautiful thing.

When my eyes locked on a spot in the middle of the field, I knew it was the perfect candidate for my research. Now you might ask, research? Well, Jeff Ochampaugh, my boss and president of Agrilead, had assigned me to compare two different wheat samples from two diverse fields. But how exactly would I accomplish that?

With that in mind, I went back to retrieve my items whilst devising a plan of how I was going to achieve my task. Ultimately, I decided to cut a foot of wheat from each location I visited to compare the number of heads, their weight, and the number of grains in each head.

At that time, I failed to believe that anything could go wrong. One could say that I was ignorant, and failed to leave room for mistakes.

However, that is never the case in life.

This happened to be proven as I was marching in the clay-like soil, my feet sinking in every step I took. Knowing my scissors resided in my back pocket, I hadn’t paid any thought to them, but the area my eyes were fastened to. Now, if I were to have been paying attention to the land around me, I may have noticed the sudden absence of those very scissors in my back pocket.

When I arrived at the location and reached for my back pocket, I felt miserable. It was already 95 degrees outside with high humidity. Adding to the issue, my scissors were missing! I knew there was no chance I could find them in the middle of a thick wheat field.

In the end, I had to retire to my car to grab another pair of scissors at my home. That time I was sure to bring a bag to carry my supplies. Believing I was free of issues, I continued the trek to retrieve the wheat. Coincidentally, as I arrived I realized that I had left my tape measure in my car!

In summary, I’ve made countless mistakes as each day went by during my internship at Agrilead. However, that has never discouraged me. In fact, it only made me more determined to continue moving on; as it’s the only thing you can do in life!

Finally, my goal is to be more organized. This will make me spend less time finding my items and completing work. As a result, I will become a more efficient worker.

Also, I’m really looking forward to the next couple of weeks! I will be meeting a lot of people so I plan on getting to know them as much as I can to help increase my professional network.

Thank you for reading and have a great day!

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