Going great so far

Hello Again,    

 I hope everyone is being safe and having a great time. As for me, the internship has been going well, all of my coworkers are very friendly and easy to work with. The Red Willow Center is a place of peace and community. Thanks to that my job becomes a little less complicated. Each of them has their own ideas and talents that they’re eager to share. And from one of those minds came my first assignment. I had the task of filming the set-up process and function of a gray water system. After the filming was done the process of editing had begun. With a few touches here and there, and a bit of feedback from my coworkers, the video was then uploaded to YouTube. Afterwards, I started on a new project. One that was filmed months before I started my internship. When I was just a volunteer. My job isn’t all filming though. It gets tiring when you just stare at a screen most of the time, but when that starts happening, I just take a walk. The area is large enough to walk around and take your mind off things. Another way is helping with harvesting, weeding, or just some of the physical labor. This place offers a good balance between office work and outdoor labor. Something I’m looking forward to continuing. I’m glad to be working here, alongside good people, and I’m glad that this internship lets me do it. This internship is an amazing opportunity, with an amazing group, and I’m glad to be a part of it.

– Aidan S.

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