Within trying to write my first draft of my second blog I decided to scratch it and restart. I felt like this was necessary because I wanted to make it fun for the potential readers and for me. Especially since for the last few months I have writing professional grade papers at a college level I wanted to mix it up and just talk.

        In this blog we are supposed to write about our first experiences. Give three of our goals and the steps of archiving them. I started my internship May 21st, and since then I have implemented many of my goals for awhile now, so I’m just going to start laying them out and if I have achieved them. Hopefully everyone can follow along. This is going to be a relaxed and comfortable read.

       In my efforts to bring diversity to Northwest Kansas through the arts one really important goal for me was to be organized. I’m more or less the assistant of all the little but important details for my boss Bonnie Cameron. She relays all her ideas to me and I try to make sure it happens. With this comes a lot of organization. I carry around a small tote bag with all my legal pad, pencils, paperwork, and computer. Everything she says I write down. Then once a date is givin I  instantly put it in my cell phones callander as a priority. These are just some of the ways I stay on top of things before its it’s to late. In the theater business there is always something to do, always a little thing to be done so being organized to stay on top is important.

         Another big goal is energy. Some days I work 11 to 12 hour days. This is not just because of my summer internship it’s also because in the evenings I work as the right hand cook for a chef in her brand new French, American restaurant the Elephant. Both of these jobs require a lot of energy between being on my feet and social activity within the community I work in. So part of this goal is through task making. Every week I create a list for each day on what needs to be done. I make sure its reasonable and time it out.

For example: Friday start hanging up flyers at 8 a.m. till 10 a.m. Then go to the hardware store to buy paint. Eat lunch then go to rehearsal to take photos and work with the children till 1. Set aside 2 hours for costume making, then another 2 hours for     advertising/ marketing projects. By 5 be ready for cooking at the restaurant.

      I make sure all tasks are done. So that by the end of the night I go straight to bed get a full 8 hours of sleep so that I have energy for the next day. Also coffee has become a good friend when I have days I need a pick me up.

        There is a lot to do for 3 shows that only have 1 to 2 months to get finished. Its impeccably valuable to me that I keep up with my time management. So I have learned being organized so I can be on top of my tasks and am able to get a full night’s rest and be read for the next day. My internship is so important not just to me or my boss, it’s to important for the communities as a whole. Getting these experiences are only helping me to give it my all to the three towns in Northwest Kansas who crave the arts.

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