Giving back through teaching

For my community service, I decided to complete my hours at the NB3 Foundation as well. They always need as much help as possible. On Thursday, July 25, the NB3 Foundation held a summer golf academy for a group of kids ranging from ages 5 to about 17. There were three stations set up which included golf, soccer, and nutrition. The golf set up used equipment called “SNAG golf” which uses tennis balls and larger looking clubs. The equipment is very colorful and fun looking; it makes it easier to hit the ball, which is great for kids who are just beginning. The soccer station had a small field set up in which the kids could play a quick scrimmage and other games that tested their dribbling skills. The nutrition portion let the kids set make a healthy snack (banana and peanut butter wrap with strawberries). The hands on activity lets the kids know they are capable of eating healthy and producing these snacks on their own. I mainly helped out with the golf portion; the stations were set up in about 25 minute portions each and after each block ended, the groups would transfer to a different station. At the golf station, the kids would be encouraged to practice safety. Each child was given the necessary equipment and split into a group so the staff could teach them basic golf skills. Many of them were beginners and it was difficult to get the techniques across to them. Many of them were also very young and struggled to understand what we were trying to teach them. They all had a lot of fun however and were excited to learn about golf by asking a lot of questions. For the second part of my community service, each of the interns researched a root cause of obesity and type 2 diabetes. My presentation argued that the root cause of diabetes is the change in food over time. I believe that food has so many added substitutes and is not natural anymore. Each intern had their own perspective and we informed each other about what we thought through our research. Overall, it’s great to do community service and I hope to continue doing this in the future. 0730141211a 0730140916a

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