Give A Little Time

During my time off from my internship and my summer job, I looked for community service opportunities in my hometown. I wanted to do something other than PAWS or Meals-on-Wheels because I had helped out with those last summer. Feeling like I had reached a dead end after two weeks of searching with no luck, I came across the Pregnancy Support Center.

From the first time I stepped into the office, welcoming faces greeted me and I knew I had found the right place. I was asked if I was in need of their services and I replied with a simple, “No, I was wondering if you have any volunteer opportunities”? That is where it all started. I soon met with Monica, the executive director of the program, who explained the volunteer opportunities they offered as she showed me around the office. We agreed I’d come back in a couple of days to start my community service. Throughout my time volunteering I learned that the Pregnancy Support Center’s mission is to help pregnant women make informed decisions regarding the outcome of their pregnancy. The services they provide are all free and include pregnancy testing, ultrasounds, prenatal and postnatal information, individual or group parenting classes, confidential lay counseling, a Hope House, and referrals for other social services. They also have a benevolence program where these women can come in on an as needed basis and receive formula, clothing, food, and diapers.

I spent most of my time helping maintain the benevolence room where I folded and organized clothes, prepared baby bottles, and sorted through donations that were brought into the center. I also helped a volunteer RN with scheduled ultrasounds (which was my favorite part)! I learned so much about the program while volunteering and how it has been and continues to be a place of support for pregnant women in the community. I am grateful to have been able to give my time to be a part of something greater than me that is helping my community, two lives at a time.

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