Get to Know Me!

Hello, I am Raelynn Sandoval. I work as an intern for the Ogallala Commons company, along with many other workers and interns. I am very interested in photography and helping my community out as much as possible. I am also interested in entrepreneurship and creating my own business, and wanting to help others create their own. I love being active and doing things to support others in what they are trying to succeed in. Such as jobs, businesses, events, etc. 

To get to know me a little better, I will tell you a little more about myself. I am originally from a small sized town named Lamar, CO. During my childhood, my mother and brothers would tend to move more than a usual family should. We had moved back and forth from at least four different states, which made it hard for comprehension in school for both my brothers and I. After a few years went by, my mother had decided to move back to Colorado in the year 2011 to settle town and get our life together. My mother decided to move to a small community named Baca County in the far south corner of Colorado, 45 minutes south from my original birth place. We have been here since then. In the time being, I had hobbies that kept me busy such as drawing, creating art, and playing sports like basketball. It helped me take control of my actions and help uplift my positive attitude. 

Since my family has settled down, I have been more interested in becoming an inspiration and role model to everyone around me, including my brothers and mom. Why my mom you may ask? I want to be a smaller inspiration she can look up to and remind her that she can also do anything she sets her mind to. I am passionate about becoming a person people can count on and making an impact through photography. I’m passionate about helping people have another outlook on things they can accomplish and create. 

I believe this internship can help me grow and help me become more aware of things I still need to know for future references such as events, businesses, meetings, and more. This internship is a start and I am willing to make the most out of it.

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