First Steps into Inbound Marketing

working at the deskAFTER STARTING OUT

Primitive Social has been an invaluable experience for me thus far. The first thing anyone learns at Primitive Social is the definition of INBOUND MARKETING, an online strategy that brings the customer to the company, rather than companies going out of their way to find customers.

I have been fortunate enough to really get involved with the Local Llano project. Thus far I have been tasked with designing the social media calendars for October, November and December of 2015. That’s right, most of the current content on Local Llano’s Facebook was written by yours truly. I have the opportunity to write three or more blogs a month for the website. Some of my published pieces include What’s the Dill!? , a-MAZE-ingly Good Gourds and Give Jack A Job.

Outside of Primitive SocialUPCOMING PROJECTS

Keep an eye out for Local Llano’s ‘Local Producer Series’ and ‘The Local Grind’ series, I am not only credited with coming with the series’ names but also have written some blogs under each subject. I had the privilege to interview and meet most the producers in the Amarillo, Canyon and Lubbock areas. Upon visiting Local Llano’s website, you can see, in addition to the blogs, that there is a list of producers and farmers markets. I have been in charge of making sure that all information is up to date and as accurate as possible. As well as writing content, my next project is planning out a long-term advertising strategy for Local Llano that will run even after my internship at Primitive Social is over!

I am so glad to have this opportunity to expand my work portfolio and experience. Keep looking into the Local Llano page and website to keep up with my content and work!

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