first expirience

So far my Ogallala experience has been very interesting. My internship consisted of me translating a handbook, which at first I wasn’t sure if it could be done but with time it all came together. I come from Spanish speaking parents so I understand how hard it can be for them to help with homework, so I know parent will really appreciate this. For me this has been such an amazing opportunity, that I would have never thought I could do. Even though I took all the Spanish classes offered in High School I never really thought I could translate an entire handbook! Of course I had some help, from my mom and dad, and google; but it was mostly done by me. Overall this has really shown me that I can push my boundaries and achieve so much more than I what I thought I could ever do, but I guess that why I’m doing this internship so I can push my boundaries and learn more about myself and others.  I have participated at the Playa Field Day in Nazareth; it was really fascinating to see the different species of toads and tadpoles. And Although Biology may not be my thing it was still such a fascinating experience and I can’t wait to see what other amazing things I can learn. Of course there will be more to my internship than just this. I’m hoping on being able to help out at the Farmers Market, why? Well it just seems like there is so much that I could learn from them! I mean who knows maybe farming will be my true calling.

playa fild day

playa field day

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