First experiences in the hospital

My first experiences in this internship have been awesome. I have been shadowing registered nurses on the med-surge and women services floor. This is allows me to get a deeper look into what nurses do to provide care for their patients. The first week I was on the med-surge floor. Usually on a med-surge floor a lot of pneumonia, urinary tract infections, and patients with decreased gastrointestinal function is seen. As expected I saw each of these complications. While I don’t find the med-surge floor to be my future calling as a nurse, I do think that the skills acquired from working on this floor are very important for all nurses.

The second week of my internship was much more exciting. I was on the women services floor. This floor mostly deals with mom and baby. Over the course of two days on that floor I was able to watch two different C-sections and a vaginal birth. The C-sections were cooler to watch than the vaginal birth in my opinion. I had to “scrub up” for those and could see them cut layer by layer until a goopy, little baby popped out. Also, the staff was awesome, because they really wanted me to get a look at everything going on. Not only did I get to watch everything, but I was able to assist in the care of the infant. I was checking blood sugars, taking vitals, feeding, and even bathing the infants. Definitely the coolest thing I have done in my short time as a student nurse.

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