First Experiences

So far in this internship, I have worked at Head Start,  AHEC Medical Camp, and Summer Lunch. Next week I am looking forward to working at the City of Tulia and later in the future, I am looking at working at the Chamber of Commerce, The Hospital, and the Extension office.

At the Summer Lunch Program, I would count the number of children who took a lunch. I worked for Brenda Marshall, a very sweet and loving woman who cares so much for the kids in the community, and most of the time knew the 5o or so children who came by name. It felt really good to help give free food to better the community and was wonderful to talk to the children.

This past week, I attended AHEC of the Plains Medical Camp. At this camp, I had the chance to tour a hospital, plan for college, dress wounds, take vitals, set up an IV, and most exciting for me, shadow a doctor at a clinic.


While I was working at Head Start, I got the pleasure to meet and get to know the wonderful, hard-working women of Head Start. I helped them file old papers and get ready for the coming year, ie. Filing children’s paperwork and sorting old computers. These women were so sweet and took me under their wing. I hope to see them again this summer.

For community service, I helped with a local church’s Vacation Bible School program.  I taught, played, and got to know a wonderful third grade class.


I think my favorite first experiences in this job are meeting new people and learning to do new tasks.

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