First Experiences

Three goals that I have set for myself is to grow stronger in the responsibility aspect of this internship, learn how to work independently, and become more educated about the medical field. Being responsible is very important when it comes to having a job, but most importantly it is highly important in order to be successful. During this internship I hope to learn how to become more successful in the working field. To accomplish this, I must be responsible and do what needs to be done and have my priorities straight. My second goal, learning how to work independently, is something I feel like I need to practice more because as I get older “mom and dad” will not be around to help me with everything for me as they did when I was younger and continue to do. To accomplish this goal, during my internship, there are many task and projects I am asked to do and get done but on my own. The third goal I have set for myself is to learn more about to medical field. I hope to eventually pursue a career in nursing in my future, and in order to do this I must be well educated about the job. Within the next month, I will be job shadowing at the Covenant Hospital In Planiveiw, Texas. This will allow me to gain more knowledge about what all a nursing career entails. So far in my internship, i have learned a lot about gardening/farming, have completed Microsoft projects, and I have done landscaping.

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