First Experiences

I am now finishing up my second week as an intern. Currently, I am working at Goodland’s Welcome Center; this gives me the opportunity to explore many different areas of careers. The Welcome Center is manned by Susanne McClure who is the economic development. I have the chance not only to see what she does with her career, but what the City Manager and city workers also do. My three goals including communication, leadership, and networking, all tie into one specific goal. Networking is my primary focus as I want to not only connect, but build relationships with people. Communication is a skill that I would like to get more comfortable with and have the willingness to walk up to people and introduce/tell about myself. Alongside communication and networking, I want to continue showcasing my skills of leadership by using SMART goals. Smart stand for, specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and timely. These goals will continue to help my leadership skills grow as each has a necessary quality for leaders. These qualities that I want to achieve all go into my overall goal, to better myself for my community, and for all that I might endeavor in the future. During my two week time, I have been working on researching YEC (youth entrepreneurship challenge) participants, and helping make tourists feel welcome in my hometown. Goodland has a famous Van Gogh painting of the Sunflower. I have lived here my whole life and never once did I realize how much significance that one painting had. I am to say the least blessed that this internship has not only helped me in my field but opened my eyes to view things around me in a different way.

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