First Experiences

I am working on helping with a summer camp for children in El Teatro de Artes de Juan Seguin and then improving and doing work around the community garden in Seguin, TX . I will be teaching agriculture and how to handle tools outside in the garden to the children and the importance of maintaining a garden. When I finish teaching my class I will help the other staff members with their classes. The other three classes are art, baile folklorico, and science behind the Three Sisters.  At the garden, I will be pulling out weeds, dead plants, trim plants and trim trees. I will also maintain the garden nice and neat by mowing the lawn when it needs it, pull the weeds, weed eat, and also water plants. In doing this, I can find out how I can help improve the community, find out what other fruits and vegetables would do will in Seguin soil and find out how to get children more involved in the garden. I will be research different subject to help the garden and make it easier to find what it is I am looking for instead of guessing. I have a background in landscaping and gardening that I will be putting to use in improving the garden. Hopefully with all the changes I will be able to make, more community members will use the garden and help out. The children have been taught how to care for the garden in hope that they will bring their families and help out too. 

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