First Experiences

For my internship this summer, I am doing three different jobs. My main job is to plant and maintain our community garden. Although I have only prepared the top soil thus far, I am planning to plant on July 3rd, which coincides with the moon almanac. After that, I will have to water and harvest all of its contents until it is finished. After harvesting, I will then donate the products to our local food pantry, which is a part of my second job. I have to help out with the food pantry on all of the weekends they have it. Which means I have to sort boxes when we get them, and I have to help hand out food to the members that come. My third job is to write some of the articles that go into our community newsletter called Swift Kicks. So far, all of my jobs have been fairly easy, and I have enjoyed each one of them! The most difficult one so far has been writing the articles for Swift Kicks. The reason why this job is hardest for me is because I am required to interview people in the community, and I do not like talking to people usually. I’m very shy and uncomfortable when it comes to that task, but this internship is helping me to step out of my comfort zone. This will definitely benefit me in the future because it’s a part of life that we have to talk to other people. So I am grateful and excited for the opportunities that this internship brings.

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