First Experiences

My internship as a crop scout is challenging as well as rewarding. It is not easy to be able to scout fields… looking for problems that a farmer may have that can prevent him from making the most money. Yes, the crops are his but I feel as if they are mine too considering I am tending to them weekly. The expectations are high and my boss demands perfection. Not only do I represent myself, but I also represent Todd Agricultural Consulting and I take pride in that. I feel like it is easy to get caught up in a routine and blend every day together but I have found myself taking this internship day by day… evaluating skills and knowledge I learn every day and applying them to the next. This has helped me make the most out of every day I am blessed with to be in the panhandle helping put food on tables and clothes on peoples back. A normal day for me would be to wake up around 6:30 and show up to the shop around 7:30 to clean the vehicles and prepare for the day. We get a game plan and disperse into teams across Hale county and scout cotton, corn, grain sorghum, black eyed peas, sunflowers, and alfalfa. We work hard until the work is done and start again the next day. So far I have learned: how to check fields, how to take care of vehicles daily, how to be a team player as well as lead when necessary, and appreciate farming communities.These are lessons I can apply to my career and life as well.

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