From New Place to New Place

When I first came to Primitive Social, I was hired as a general intern for the company. One day, I got a text from one of my former coworkers (at a restaurant) that my boss, Kade, and a few other gentlemen were throwing my name around. I got insanely nervous. Upon Kade’s return, he called me into his office and introduced me to Darryl who explained to me what Ogallala Commons was and asked if I would consider joining the program.

Initially, I was incredibly lost. I was still new to Primitive Social as it was, how was I supposed to wing it through all of this? Once getting into the internship, I was still feeling rather lost. I couldn’t find my placement, everything was going so quickly. I was graduating college, trying to find my place in a new office, still waiting tables, AND trying to find my place amongst these two initiatives.

A lot of what I did at first was touch-and-go. I would get a list of things that Erin needed done and complete them to my best ability–bugging her with questions all the while. It was pretty easy to keep up with everything else I had going on but I felt like I could do more.


SOA and Local Llano are very similar but extremely different initiatives. The hardest part has been getting acquainted with their different styles of voice and making them interesting enough to the public to generate that traffic that will get our word out and spreading. I’m exited for these projects and to see where they end up in the future.


FullSizeRender IMG_4597

img 1: getting comfortable in my first office at my first desk space.

img 2: getting comfortable with never going to class again.

To access the room block by phone use “Ogallala Commons Room Block” at:  (806) 803-5514

To reserve online use this link to book your group rate for Ogallala Commons

If you need help with your reservation call (806) 803-5500 for assistance.