First Experiences

Some major projects that I have been participating in is a more of a presentation project. What we have done is gone to libraries, which include the Lamb County Library, Spring-Earth Community Library, Plainview Community Library, and the Olton Community Library. When visiting these libraries, Andrew Black presented a short informative speech on the Texas Hunger Initiative program overall, as well as the Texas Hunger Initiative- Lubbock Regional Office, in which we are located. In this speech he stated many facts about hunger among the thirty- three counties that the Lubbock Region covers. What Andrew was trying to do was persuade each librarian to become a community partner of the Texas Hunger Initiative. In becoming a partner, you are willing to donate a computer for those who are in need of applying for government assistance. Also, when partnering there are two levels to the partnership. In the level one partnership, you are basically stating “I am a community partner with the Texas Hunger Initiative, here we have a computer, use it as you please”, whereas in the level two, you are donating your time and providing assistance to those who necessarily are in need. So in the second level, you are stating, “I am a community partner with the Texas Hunger Initiative, we have a computer provided for you to apply for whichever government assistance you are needing, also, we are here to donate specifically for you, so if you need help don’t hesitate to ask.” Each presented speech was repetitive, therefore when I began going to these libraries on my own, I will not have to prepare too much. Overall all we are doing is attempting to persuade each individual library to become a community partner with Texas Hunger Initiative.

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